The News is Tasty Like a Taser

• Health Insurance is sick: their refusal/lassitude in paying claims can add 20% to physician’s overhead. [NYT]
• How Safe is Your Taser? [NYT]
• 2 Teens try to extort Myspace for $150,000. Last words before getting arrested by undercover cops: Hey, you looked different in your profile… [Tribune]
• MPAA may have hired a hacker to steal information from a file-sharing company, which pales in comparison to their use of slaves as a distribution channel. [CNet]
• School doesn’t like student complaining on Xanga that the school is a bully, proves him wrong with a 10 day suspension. [Sun Times]


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  1. Aph says:

    “We were too busy reading myspace all the time to pay attention to that. Whose Robert Mardock anyway? Oh wait like that guy from Sealab? He so ruled. Jail sucks.”

    “Even the first ammendment has exceptions though class. Like screaming fire in a building thats not on fire, inciting public violence with intent to do so, or calling Mr. McGlock a fag on your blog. We don’t do that Ok?”

    “Hey Jeffo… HUH HUH… taze that piggy one more time and lets make some breakf- research”