HOWTO: Save at the Pump

The Wall Street Journal offered some tips on getting the most out of your trip to the gas station. You may have seen the article already but we haven’t and you learn through repetition, right? Tip 4 is pretty awesome.

    1. Gas prices changes as much by 20% within blocks, check around for cheaper prices.

    2. Don’t top off your tank–overfilling is bad for the environment and you may pay for gas that won’t make it into your tank.

    3. When the pump automatically shuts off, turn the handle upside down 180 degree to release the small amount left from the pump to make sure you get all the gas you’re paying for.

    4. Shop for gas during coolest time of the day, when gas is at its densest, so you get more for your money.

There’s also a free eBook [pdf 440 kb] from called 62 Ways to Save at the Pump.

There’s also a thing called a bicycle.

[via StopBuyingCrap]

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