Ask The Consumerists: What’s in the Ooze?

We’re on a quest. We want to interview the Oozinator. We want to find out what was going on in Hasbro’s minds when they created this product and its advertising.

Our first stop is the Oozinator PR people. They are happy to forward our request to Hasbro, but they would like to see a few sample interview questions first.

Sample questions we had in mind:

• “The ads depict teenagers squirting boys who appear under 10. Is it Hasbro’s intention for this product to be marketed to older males?”
• “What was the inspiration for the Oozinator? Perhaps a rare animal or something else found in nature only in special circumstances?”
• “In business, as in war, it’s found that groups begin to function less efficiently if their size is greater than 150 persons. What is the maximum amount of people Hasbro recommends for a group Oozinator fight?”

Pray tell, what should we ask the Oozinators?

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