eBags eSucks

If you’re looking to go out of town this weekend and plan on purchasing last-minute luggage online, look elsewhere than eBags for your portage needs.

Dear Consumerist,

Susie and I are going out of town this Friday and needed a new, larger-than-carry-on-sized piece of luggage. eBags has been easy and quick in the past, but this time there was a snag: Their ‘expedited shipping,’ promised to be a 1-2 day delivery time, was projecting that my received date would be the 30th. (A week later than necessary.)

Seems that the company that makes the bag (International Traveller!) actually drop ships the bag for eBags, and they are backed up by three or four days. So even though I paid an extra $20 to get the special shipping, I’d only be getting the bag at the same provisioning speed as everything else. Be aware, shoppers!



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  1. go to goodwill, buy a bag for $5, and enjoy the fact you saved a bunch of money.

  2. Joel Johnson says:

    So I ordered the same bag from another online vendor after the phone support woman at eBags told me it wouldn’t ship until next week. I paid twice as much to expedite the shipping, but at this point I was tired of screwing around.

    Guess what I just got? A shipment notice from eBags. Fortunately, the other place let me cancel, but what a pain in the rear. I almost ended up with two bags. (Both of which I would have been willing to kill a hobo for, let alone deign to visit a Goodwill.)

  3. mikelite says:

    sounds like an isolated incident to me. I just got my bag from eBags, ten days earlier than eBags said it would get to me.

  4. Transuranic says:

    I second the suckiness of eBags – after a posting on Consumerist, I got suckered in, but got the wrong item shipped to me. eBags’ solution? Cart the package to a UPS store, return the item for a full refund, then PLACE A 2ND ORDER.

    I don’t even need to detail the myriad of things wrong with this.

    And to top it off, phone jockey was pulling attitude on me as if I’d clicked the wrong thing – due to no rudeness of mine.

    Consumerist, no more eBags postings!

  5. BigTDog says:

    I had a similar experience to mikelite with ebags. No problems, got what I ordered, and got it about a week earlier than I expected.

    Maybe standard shipping is the quickest way.

  6. David217 says:

    I third the suckiness of ebags. I ordered a bag and paid extra for expedited shipping, which they promised in the estimated arrival. Having tracked the “progress” of the bag on the web after it failed to arrive on time, I conclude that I will be lucky if I’ll get it 4 days after they promised it, and I will be screwed (too late to use it for my trip) if I get it any later. I kick myself that I didn’t use Zappos, which had the same bag for more money but free overnight shipping, and I’ve always had timely deliveries from Zappos.

  7. Feisty says:

    I am absolutely appalled with eBags’ performance. I too ordered a bag and paid extra for express delivery.

    When nothing had arrived by the promised date, I contacted customer service.

    After 15 minutes of marvellous circumlocution interspersed with some Pinteresque pauses, I was able to ascertain that 1) the bag had not even shipped and 2) it was actually easier for them to cancel my order than expedite it – great business model.

    It’s been over a week and I have still not received a refund.

    I even complained to eBags CEO, Jon Nordmark, but keeping customers happy is obviously not a priority for him as neither he – nor his assistant – has replied.

    In the meantime, eBags still has my money, so maybe its business model is working after all. Just so long as it’s not reliant on return custom and an economic upturn any day soon.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We ordered a bag from here and it took over 2 days for them to notify us that the order was cancelled because it is not in stock. They said they were notified by the company that the item was not available, but if you go that company’s website and several other sites the item is available. I tried calling twice to customer service and was disconnected without even being able to talk to someone. I chatted with a customer service rep that gave me a discount code for 25% one item which is the discount code i used to place my original order. I asked for an explanation for why they are selling items that they do not have in stock and was not given an answer. They are rude and not helpful and not trustworthy.