eBags eSucks

If you’re looking to go out of town this weekend and plan on purchasing last-minute luggage online, look elsewhere than eBags for your portage needs.

Dear Consumerist,

Susie and I are going out of town this Friday and needed a new, larger-than-carry-on-sized piece of luggage. eBags has been easy and quick in the past, but this time there was a snag: Their ‘expedited shipping,’ promised to be a 1-2 day delivery time, was projecting that my received date would be the 30th. (A week later than necessary.)

Seems that the company that makes the bag (International Traveller!) actually drop ships the bag for eBags, and they are backed up by three or four days. So even though I paid an extra $20 to get the special shipping, I’d only be getting the bag at the same provisioning speed as everything else. Be aware, shoppers!


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