Congress Moves To Protect Honest Car Mechanics, Chupacabras

Congress is considering a “Right to Repair” bill. The idea, basically, is that car manufacturers’ proprietary systems give them a monopoly on many types of car repairs, making that walking, oil-covered ass crack at your local garage impotent in gouging you twice as much money for a simple repair than its actually worth.

The bill has opponents, like David Pardre of Coalition for Auto Repair Equality (CARE): “Consumers will lose money, they will lose convenience, they will lose their freedom of choice in where to take their cars for repair; and they will lose the most important thing, which is the feeling of ownership.”

Proprietary systems are a pain, but we would tend to trust a manufacturer to repair our car than an auto mechanic. Let’s face it: fair pricing and good service in the auto repair industry isn’t anything we need to preserve, because it doesn’t fucking exist. Might as well put leprechauns on the Endangered Species list.

Congress Considers “Right to Repair” Bill [Consumer Affairs]

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