God Plays Piano Atop Ben Nevin

Atop the stony peak of Britain’s highest mountain, the 4,418 foot Ben Nevis, climbers are scratching their heads and pondering a mystery: just how did this fucking piano get up here?

A group of volunteers were clearing trash and stones when they discovered the dilapidated instrument. They can’t figure out how or why it’s up there… the only clue is a biscuit wrapper with a best before date of 1986 that was found under the piano.

But officials aren’t excited by the mystery. They are pissed, trying to discover who dumped the piano so they can fine them:

“We have a constant battle against litter being left on Britain’s highest mountain – but this elevates being a litter lout sky high into a completely different category. We are now trying to track down who took it there.

“We may even give them an outstanding invoice for 20 years storage of a piano under a cairn on Ben Nevis.”

Our bet on the no-good perps? MIT. They’ve got a pretty good history on placing improbable objects on the top of peaks. After getting a cop car on the top of the dome, a piano on the top of Ben Nevin would have been child’s play.

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