Pith and Vinegar

Image courtesy of This lady just doesn't get it, people don't buy M&M's on the subway for the peanuts OR the plain, it's for the pity. Mmm...pity, it fills the hole inside.
  • This lady just doesn’t get it, people don’t buy M&M’s on the subway for the peanuts OR the plain, it’s for the pity. Mmm…pity, it fills the hole inside.
  • They stole our joke and our hearts: Blogging Baby on horror movies, “Mc Nightmare.” We have this recurring one where we think we’re bloggers, only to one day discover we’re actually an RSS feed. Eat the blue link, Neo.
  • If you prefer pure linen over cotton drapes, as well as the thrill of converting pounds to dollars, you may be interested in these linen sheers on ebay. We once or twice wore an all-linen outfit to high school; you may experience less psychological bloodletting in the privacy of your own home.

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