Thieves Snatch Hilton’s Mother’s Day Goodies

Leave it to Paris Hilton to teach us the value of handmade gifts for Mother’s Day.

A gift bag containing $10,000 of Christian Dior shoes, Christian Dior sunglasses, Christian Dior handbags and Christian Dior perfumes got jacked from the Hilton stoop Monday. Paris had, “spent three or four hours shopping to put together this wonderful collection of things for her mom,” according to spokesman Mintz.

A delivery guy put the package down outside the electrified gate adorned with live vipers dripping with gold to ring the intercom. In that instant, a passenger in a passing car ganked Paris’ heaping pile of conspicuous consumption.

Namebranded Mother’s Day gifts in absentia, the family celebrated Kathy Hilton’s day by going out to dinner .

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