India Steals America’s Youth

The next time you call tech support and get routed to India, the voice on the other end of the line may sound disarmingly familiar: American. No, Bangalore is not employing voice-changing software but rather, a growing number of college graduates are heading east, young man–Far East.

They’re willing to take a cut in pay to get hands-on experience they feel will make them a more attractive commodity upon their return to the United States.

“Yeah, I kind of look at it like a career trajectory,” said Linkon, 22, of Milwaukee to MSNBC. “You do this and you set yourself up for bigger things than you would making four times what I make now in Chicago or New York.”

An exciting career in the world of high-stakes telephone customer service awaits the youth of today, tomorrow. In the meantime, Sally Struthers also offers degrees in gun repair, tv/vcr repair, and medical transcription.

Americans make reverse commute — to India. Cutting-edge jobs, early-career experience draw the tech-savvy.” [MSNBC]

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