Dear Diary: Today I Went to Best Buy

Gus went shopping today at Best Buy and decided to write us. It’s not a rant, not necessarily a complaint and probably won’t make you a better person.

However, it does serve as a sort of amusing little first-person experiential piece, conveying mood (agitating) and mind frame (confused, disgruntled) as he navigates through a poorly designed bazaar of computer fun before making his escape to a better store.

Enter the head of a consumer, after the jump…

Guse writes:

    “With a rather slow work day at hand, I decided to venture to my local Best Buy on my lunch break. My possible purchases included the new Pearl Jam CD and a 100 stack of CD-R’s. As I approached the door, I remembered my utter disdain for this place. I was immediately greeted with a hello from the “all powerful door man” and noticed that the store was much busier than the parking lot indicated.

    As I browsed for the computer media aisle, I could not find it. I did however see a row of DVD-R and CD-R spindles in between the shelves displaying their current line of computer monitors. Of course the 18″ section of CD-Rs was blocked by a Blue Shirt jockey and an interested customer (god help him). As I browsed a little deeper I found my aisle, only to be disappointed in their selection of 100 stack CD-Rs. 2 choices of Verbatim and Memorex at 36.99$ was definitely not to my liking. On my way out of the isle, an elderly couple were being helped by another jockey. They were inquiring about memory cards for a digital camera. Jockey grabs a card, and I loosely quote, “256, that will get you about 50 pictures.” The elderly gentleman wholly agreed that that was plenty and I shook my head and excused myself past in search of that CD.

    On my way to the CD section I noticed that if they packed anymore stuff into this place I might have to loose some weight before I can expect to walk around in here again. It’s like Wal Mart at 2am. I see a few CD’s, all priced the same, not too bad, as should be expected. Then some crap pop rock comes on the loudspeaker and suddenly I realize I’m about 5 minutes from doing business with these fucks. Is it really worth an extra 10$ to have the art/booklet rather than using my favorite Russian website? Absolutely not.

    As I zagged my way though customers to reach the exit, my worst nightmare came true, I couldn’t leave. The exit was blocked by 4 patrons with carts waiting to have their merch checked by my old pal at the door. I slithered my way out to my car and hit the road, with no purchases in hand. Another victory for me, and another 100 stack CD-R sale for Office Max. (24$!)

    Love your site, despise the Best Buy. But somehow they get me in there about 2 times a year, usually weak moments.



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  1. Rick Dobbs says:

    I don’t get Best Buy. They prey on the person who is the technology idiot. It’s okay to be a technology idiot, not everyone wants to be good at it.

    But with just a few tweaks they could get the technology savvy to come in as well. Even $24 is too much for a 100 stack of CD-R’s. Someone needs to teach these guys about loss leaders.

  2. matto says:

    What kind of tool’s bought a pearl jam cd in the last decade?!

  3. Kat2 says:

    re: the losing weight before you can walk… I hear ya! Why does the plus-sized section of Fashion Bug have the clothing racks so close together that you can’t walk through them without brushing against at least 2 of them?! Why do people think they can fit 2 carts side by side in a Wal-Mart aisle?!

  4. dr_gonzo says:

    Living in the land of Best Buy and Target stores (Minneapolis) I too find myself wandering their store out of boredom. But 99% of the time I leave empty handed because either their price sucks, or their store just creaps me out.

  5. Kaz says:

    You don’t know – those old folks could have had a 10mp camera!

  6. misskaz says:

    *misskaz looks suspiciously at this new imposter. Are you the reason I can never just be “kaz” on any website, ever?

  7. non-meat-stick says:

    a cordless drill?

  8. Kaz says:

    misskaz – could be! But I *have* been using this id, or a variant for quite some time now… Sorry! :(

  9. misskaz says:

    Kaz – no problem; I was just teasing. I actually like misskaz – it’s girly and sweet, which fits me perfectly. ;)

  10. AcidReign says:

    …..I’m still working on the 100 CD-R’s I bought five years ago; at CompUSA, for $21.99 with a $20 mail-in rebate that actually worked.

    …..Office Max is good for a lot of things (don’t use your debit card there!), but you might pay a bit more. It’s not packed like the local best buy, though. That’s worth at least $20!