Confessions of a Generic Magazine

Rony over at Are You Generic? sent us a link to these disestablishmentarianist stickers he hopes you’ll print out and plaster all over those three hundred page advertisement magazines conservatively injected with gray pablum content that people — for whatever incredible reason — actually pay good money for.

The stickers read:

    The confessions of a generic magazine: “We loaded this issue with more advertising than content. The content we did publish was edited, censored and manipulated to please our advertisers or as lame filler between the product pushing ads. We got paid quite handsomely to produce this issue and are glad you will pay to read what we already got paid to print.” Are You Generic?

Should you go into your local Border’s and start defacing property you don’t own, just to send a snarky message to a surprised People Magazine reader sitting on her toilet one afternoon? No. Should you deface your own property with these stickers? Why not just punch yourself in the face instead?

Confessions of a Generic Magazine []

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