Morning Deals Roundup

• Today’s Woot! is a Digital Blue Tony Hawk Helmet Cam for $39.99. Strap one of this on your head and wirelessly record your exciting life.

• Get a great deal on a new container for your emotional hangups with up to 73% off on’s luggage sale. Take an additional $20 off with coupon code WETRAVEL.

• 20% off 1-800 Flowers with coupon code DP20. Take $10 off any order of $39.99 or more with coupon code GPT. A listing of nine different 1-800 Flowers coupon codes here.

Highlights from Dealhack

Mother’s Day Gifts up to 29% off at Red Envelope

80 Hour Series 2 TiVo DVR only $30 with Free Shipping at CompUSA

Kingston 2GB Compact Flash Card $50 & 1GB Secure Digital Card $20 at


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  1. Transuranic says:

    Tony Hawk Helmet Cam Footage, Monday morning Take 1:

    9am Log into government computer. Contacted by Morpheus again. Reject deals to turn over fraud detection data models in exchange for “the red pill.”

    10am Call dealer. See if he can get me some ‘red pill’ thing.

    11am Coffee wears off. Nap in vacant conference room. Dream of fraud dollars flying out the door, dream of green numbers cascading down a huge screen, a screen the size of an arena that I’m skateboarding all over…

    1pm Awaken to find $39.99 deducted from my account and a lump on my head… jesus, it’s metal and… *pulls out implant* a skater cam? what the… #@$(4&*($#&########NO CARRIER SIGNAL