Pizza Delivery Guy Also Delivers Corpses

If you’re about to start a career in pizza delivery, here’s a small tip: don’t deliver those stuffed-crust pepperonis in your other job’s company vehicle… a mortuary hearse.

William Bethel, a part-time pizza delivery guy with a side job in human corpse trafficking, was recently pulled in a mortuary hearse while on a pizza delivery run. Worse yet, Bethel was delivering both a decomposing corpse and its direct gastronomic analogue — a Hawaiian Pizza with anchovies — without a license. Needless to say, Bethel lost both his jobs.

The AP article ends with this odd quote: “County and state health officials said there is no law against delivering a body and food in the same vehicle.” Well, yeah. There’s no law against delivering them in a garbage truck or in a porta-potty you’ve turned horizontal and transformed into a bitching all-mod-cons go-kart either. Still, we’d hope that Domino’s company policy, at least, condemns balancing the pizza boxes you are delivering on top of a black-faced sack of liquifying meat and rotting offal.

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