Pizza Delivery Guy Also Delivers Corpses

If you’re about to start a career in pizza delivery, here’s a small tip: don’t deliver those stuffed-crust pepperonis in your other job’s company vehicle… a mortuary hearse.

William Bethel, a part-time pizza delivery guy with a side job in human corpse trafficking, was recently pulled in a mortuary hearse while on a pizza delivery run. Worse yet, Bethel was delivering both a decomposing corpse and its direct gastronomic analogue — a Hawaiian Pizza with anchovies — without a license. Needless to say, Bethel lost both his jobs.

The AP article ends with this odd quote: “County and state health officials said there is no law against delivering a body and food in the same vehicle.” Well, yeah. There’s no law against delivering them in a garbage truck or in a porta-potty you’ve turned horizontal and transformed into a bitching all-mod-cons go-kart either. Still, we’d hope that Domino’s company policy, at least, condemns balancing the pizza boxes you are delivering on top of a black-faced sack of liquifying meat and rotting offal.

Man Delivers Pizzas, Corpses In Same Vehicle [WUSA9]


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  1. RandomHookup says:

    Offal — now there’s a word I bet you didn’t think you would use when you starting writing a consumer blog.

  2. bifyu says:

    ahh, a chance to vent on one of my pet peeves.

    it’s not explicitly stated, but usually when someone says “hawaiian pizza” they mean some nasty combination of pineapple and canadian bacon. putting pineapple on something doesn’t make it hawaiian fer crying out loud. I only know of one pizzeria that gets it right (big kahuna’s) — they call that abomination “the haole“.

  3. Bubba Barney says:

    He could start his own business and call it ‘Die and Pie’.