UPDATE: Little Girl Molested By Wal-Mart Sex Offender, Gets $25 Gift Certificate

Jury deliberations are underway to decide whether a teenager molested six years ago for 90 seconds by a WalMart employee deserves to receive up to $5 million in damages.

Bobby Randall was recorded by a store security camera twice touching the 10-year-old-girl and was convicted of performing a lewd act on a minor. He got a ten year sentence and died in prison.

At stake is if WalMart was negligent in performing a background check on Randall who had already been convicted of indecent exposure three times at the time of his hire. His application also included several blanks, such as phone number, date and availability. Furthermore, he claimed he left his previous job at Food Lion due to a personal conflict. However, his former manager said the 41 year old sex offender had been suspended from his position.

Whether or not the girl, whom opposing counsel argues shows no signs of long-term negative effects, deserves a hefty monetary sum as reward, is for twelve citizens to decide behind closed doors.

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