Myspace the Secret Garden of Conmen and Spammers?

According to these reports summed up over at Valleywag, Myspace isn’t a megatacular grassroots operation run out of a garage by “Tom” and his buddy Chris, but a multi-million operation created by the cons and insider traders of Intermix Media. Among their other business ventures were installing spyware on millions of computers. Chris and Tom were just the “cabin boys” or “poster boys,” the Valleywag source alleges.

So surprising that a service based around people brought together around a common love of being brought together should dissolve from its (empty) core.

Spammers and Ex-Cons, Not Tom, Made MySpace” [Valleywag]


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  1. Bubba Barney says:

    MySpace is so 3 years ago. Was on it recently and it is a big ol’ mess. People put so much crap on their profiles that it’s like reading old issues of ‘Wired’ magazine.

    Friendster and Connexxion are way better. Hopefully, they don’t get all bogged down with ugly pages and spam.

  2. OkiMike says:

    I like Hi5 personally.

  3. Facebook Forever. What’s that, you say? No longer in college? THEN YOU’RE TOO OLD FOR INTERNET SOCIAL NETWORKING.

  4. factotum says:

    Xpeeps is good if you’re a wannabe porn star.