UPDATE: Ugly American Apparel

Last week, Holly complained about some shoddily constructed American Apparel shirts she bought that disentegrated shortly after purchase.

Today, an anonymous tipster and former American Apparel employee IM’s to confirm that

1) Yes, AA shirts are poorly made.
2) However, their return policy is very liberal and if you’re unhappy, you can return just about everything except underwear and
3) If you’re still not pleased, ask any store for the founder’s email address. They’re required to provide it and he will resolve your request.

Full text to fulfill all your source document desires, after the jump…


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  1. You might wanna re-edit that image to cover up his screenname a little better. Even without knowing the name of an ex-AA employee, I could make a pretty decent guess as to his proper name.

  2. matto says:

    You can actually save conversations out of your IM client as HTML for edity, non-screenshotty goodnes, ya know.

  3. karl hungus says:

    Wow, congrats.

    You two have just left the two lamest comments ever to grace the consumerist.

  4. CorporationsAreAwesome says:

    Oh come on Karl, you know this one and yours just took the new lamest title.