Drivers Run Out of Gas to Save Monies


    “Some California drivers are resorting to desperate measures to beat the surge in gas prices at the pump — deliberately running dry on the state’s freeways and simply waiting for rescue.

    Lujan’s 20 trucks roam the busy freeways of Orange and Los Angeles counties as part of a publicly funded patrol that gives a free gallon of gas to drivers who have run out of fuel. It also offers other basic assistance to drivers whose vehicles have broken down.

    “There was one guy a while back who was stopping every morning and trying to get his one free gallon,” said [an operator of such a service]”

There are other, silent, victims in the gas crisis that our benevolent overlord just realized was like, a big problem or something.

What about time cost? What about opportunity cost, huh huh? Who sheds tears for them?

Drivers Run Out of Gas to Save Money” [] (Thanks to Jessica!)


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  1. Paul D says:

    How asinine.

    I wonder if these same assholes simultaneously bitch about “welfare mothers” draining their tax dollars.

  2. Special K says:

    these people are the welfare mothers

  3. mrscolex says:

    Let’s attack the real problem here? The US was always too large to have a mass transit system that worked. Our working based economy became used to from 30+ miles away. In Europe this would be a ridiculous distance to commute to work.

    If the gas trend continues there will probably be more urbanization as people move closer to the zones where they need to work.

    Recently I started taking the bus to see if I would save money and I would (not by much, mind you) but it was so scary :P

  4. Ben says:

    These folks must be really desperate to actually try and get a “free” gallon of gasoline.

    I put “free” in quotes because of course if it’s publicly funded they had to jump through twenty different hoops to get the gas out there for distribution so it likely cost the taxpayer four or five times the original price. If you wanna get rid of the freeloaders start giving them a coupon good for a free gallon of gas instead of actually giving it to them, and pass out some gas cans to stations along the highway.

    Better yet, make it a mail-in coupon, and make them leave a deposit for the gas can…

  5. Juancho says:

    Not to mention the fact that this could ruin your engine/fuel line in many ways. The gas tank could collapse, the fuel injectors clog…

  6. AcidReign says:

    …..Juancho’s right. Expect a clogged fuel filter after this trick. Your car just flat won’t run till it’s fixed. Which will cost more than two tanks of gas. Some savings.

    …..I purposefully bought a house less than five miles from my workplace, at great expense. I could have gotten a lot more house, a lot farther from the murder capital of the South. But I’m not driving an hour a day. Period.

  7. tmweber says:

    This would be interesting if it were actually an organized mass protest. Gas prices are getting to a pretty ridiculous level. If there were a significant amount of people who did this (the smart ones with an extra gallon in the trunk) then it would be interesting. This is just kinda dumb.