UPDATE: Requiring Minimum Credit Card Purchases is a Violation

A day without ice cream is like a day without sunshine.

Likewise, a day without an email from Steve of Amy’s Ice Cream is like a day without getting hit in the head with a brick. At least, that’s the twist this Rocky Road may turn if his latest missives and our retorts are any indication.

All the gore you crave, after the jump…


After we posted Steve’s email addres, as he said that he invited anyone with feedback to email him, Amy’s Ice Cream received several supportive letters from readers of The Consumerist. Steve forwarded these emails to us.

We replied, “See, not all our readers have horns.”

He then sent an email,

“Just a few of the emails I have received since you put my email address up. I am still waiting to pass judgement on your BLOG, all that BS about; “brine” and “made from left-over toffee ice cream”. I really think you should wait to pass judgement on people and their businesses until after you have visited them and seen them for yourself. 95% of the emails we receive are from customers that have had a wonderful experience. We are a good company that cares about our customers and our employees. Even “Mike” who sent in the original sign and all, I think has been recovered.
Anyway, just a few thoughts…
Come see us anytime,
Amy and Steve

We replied, “Not all jokes are as sweet as a scoop of vanilla.”

He shot back:

Jokes and personal attacks are two different things. I am happy I chose the high road on this one…

We retorted:

    “We never passed judgment on Amy’s Ice Cream, nor are we responsible for the actions of our readers.

    Mike’s letter and original complaint provided a window onto a bigger issue, that consumers don’t like minimum credit card charges and isn’t it odd that these charges are explicitly prohibited in every single credit card’s merchant agreement?

    The brine you mention, we were referring to the mean letter sent to you, the letter was briney, not your ice cream.

    The left-over toffee, that’s the award we’re talking about. Again, not your ice cream. Look at the picture, you have to admit that hunk looks odd.

    We never personally attacked you or Amy.

    If you consider it a “high road” to describe our blog as “bullshit,” raise your sights.”

Both the brine and toffee were mentioned in this post.

Steve riposted:

That’s not true Ben, you made all sorts of judgements through, “jokes” “attached file Steve sent” etc…. Just curious, how many hits you get a month? Don’t get mad Ben, can’t we all just get along?

Amy and Steve

We suppose that might count as a sort of elliptical judgement. Last month we got 330,000 hits.

Sure we can get along.

We’d be happy to swing by the ice cream parlor some day. Before we do, however, you may want to clear up some of your health code violations.

After all, how sanitary can the conditions be if the owners constantly have their foot in their mouth?

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