Ronald McDonald Vs. Evil Grimace

We’ve mentioned McDonald’s Grimace before, describing him as “gigantic, anthropomorphic taste bud, loathsomely pulsating through McDonaldland with an unslakeable thirst for frosty, gelatinous ooze.” We also mentioned that he used to be evil and initially had small arms.

Well, after much searching, we finally found Evil Grimace’s McDonaldland debut. Watch as a gigantic, googly-eyed turd maniacally joneses for some coke. Fucking junkies. We like the hamburger flowers, though.

Ronald McDonald Vs. Evil Grimace [You Tube]


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  1. godmstr says:

    thats kinda creepy? but when did they decide the grimace wasnt evil anymore and now ronalds friend? was it during the great war when he had the lower two arms cut from his body?

  2. airship says:

    A lot has been lost in the film version of this epic tale. The original text explains it in much greater detail:
    “And in those evil days, a great drought descended upon McDonaldLand, as the many arms of the Evil Grimace gathered to him all the Holy Beverage Cups the resourceful Sir Ronald had provided for his loyal subjects…”
    It goes on, but to quote more would get me in trouble with the copyright police.
    SPOILER ALERT: Sir Ronald prevails, the Evil Grimace is defeated and loses a set of arms in the final decisive battle. It turns out that painful rheumatism in those extra arms is what was causing his seemingly evil behavior in the first place; cold beverages provided him his only respite – albeit brief – from the pain. With the arms gone and the pain abated, he becomes an old softie and Sir Ronald’s close friend. Which, of course, makes room for the Hamburglar to take over the role of the villain in subsequent tales of McDonaldLand.
    Unfortunately, the ‘Saga of Ronald and the Evil Grimace’ has been long out of print, and today a copy on will cost you a small fortune.