For a Cause, Stewardesses Take Naughty Poses

United Airline attendants are stripping to their skivvies and draping themselves over WWII trainer planes, to raise money and awareness about retiring stewardesses being stripped of their pensions.

The cutthroat price wars have been paid for not just by increased operations efficiency but have also come straight out of the airline workers purses and pocketbooks, as the calendar’s participants hope to demonstrate.

As you might think, some of the girls concerned about their pensions are grams. From the vaugely titled NYT article, “Surrendering Modesty but Cloaked in a Purpose

“O.K., girls, stick ’em out,” said Becky Garr, a volunteer set director.

“Hang on, I need fresh batteries,” Mr. Baker said.

“Me, too,” joked one of the older women.”

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