Indonesian Muslims Riot Over Fully Clothed Playboy Babes

Those wacky Muslims! They’re at it again, burning down buildings and shaking their scimitars at the sky over the contents of a magazine they don’t like.

This time the offending magazine in question is Indonesia’s newly launched Playboy Magazine. We should note that this Playboy is exceedingly tame, featuring some Indonesian beauties striking poses in bathing suits. Indonesia’s Muslims have taken a page from their Middle-Eastern brethren and reacted in the bloodthirsty manner of which Allah so approves: clashing with police, storming Playboy‘s offices, threatening employees and burning the magazine in effigy. There’s really something pretty monstrous about a religion that disrespects women enough to cut off the clitorises of young girls and force women to wear head-to-toe habibs, yet riots at their supposed objectification.

When asked for comment, Hugh Hefner was unflappable, pointing out the lack of nudity in the magazine. Because this story’s a bummer all around, let’s end it on a humorous bit of trivia: did you know that Hef smokes a pipe primarily to deal with a chronic nose picking problem? It was suggested by a photographer, theorizing that the pipe would keep Hef’s hands busy and prevent him from digging around up to the knuckle in his nasal cavities. Strange but true!

Playboy’s Indonesian office hit with violent protest []


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  1. non-meat-stick says:

    I can never get on camera when I’m burning stuff with large groups of people… What is their secret?

  2. Danilo says:

    Man, I’d love to see the mail on this one.

  3. Bassam says:

    Just to set a few things straight…

    There’s nothing in Islam that commands people to “cut off the clitorises of young girls and force women to wear head-to-toe habibs”. Granted, these things do occur, but they are the result of crazy, villanious people who assert their control over others by making up terrible rules and calling it religion.

    By the way, that really is a heck of a thing to say without any backing up (e.g. Passages from the Quran, etc.). As a moderate Muslim, I tend to let these sort of things roll of my back, but this was a pretty egregious case. I really hope this this post was made with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

    I’m not happy about all the rioting going on over there either, but I really see it as a mob of people looking for a scapegoat to their bad situations, and some crooked Imams (with government backing?) who are all too happy to point to the West as a target.

    Alright… [/rant]

  4. yerfatma says:

    How are they going to protest Playboy’s use of paper so flammable it lit three boys on fire?

  5. Paul D says:

    There’s a guy just off-camera going “aww man! my magazine!”

  6. Papercutninja says:

    So these Insane Muslims (not all Muslims are insane, its just that the crazy ones get the most press) are looking for any reason to “protest”, huh? Are they going to throw rocks at the women who model in it? But at the same time throw rocks at the photographer? What a buncha irrelevant, out-of-touch zealots.

    It’s time that the moderates speak out against their radical brethren and show that Islam is also a modern religion, not an ancient woman-hating one. Though, most radical sects of religions are quite misogynistic. But thats a debate for another day.

    Bassam, but don’t they do those horrible things in the name of Islam? Whether it is in the scriptures or not, isn’t it still an interpretation based on the text?

  7. Bubba Barney says:

    So I remember reading somewhere, Hef prepped himself for a night’s activities by looking at gay [male] porn. Now I can’t find it anywhere on the internets. Anyone else heard this, or am I insane?

  8. airship says:

    Bassam: Don’t worry, the immature adolescents who run this site regularly say mean, childish, insensitive things about everyone, without regard to race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. And they never, ever let those irrelevant, inconsequential things called ‘facts’ get in their way. It’s what I love about the guys.
    Papercutninja: We have lots and lots of ‘Christian’ extremists in the good ol’ US of A doing things in the name of Jesus that are supposed to be an ‘interpretation based on the text’, too. In fact, I’d put our insane extremists up against their insane extremists any day!
    Bubba Barney: Everyone knows that Hef is the epitome of hetero manhood, and still regularly boinks a whole limosine full of hot, young blondes every night. (Though, admittedly, he now does so with the aid of a tub of Viagra.) I mean, just look at that pipe! Is that the kind of smoking implement he’d employ if he was gay?

  9. Papercutninja says:

    Airship, EXACTLY my point. Anyone who is overly fanatical about their religion is a problem for the public at large. Isn’t there a “baptist” church who protest at soldiers funerals, saying that they deserved to die because the US loves gays?