Indonesian Muslims Riot Over Fully Clothed Playboy Babes

Those wacky Muslims! They’re at it again, burning down buildings and shaking their scimitars at the sky over the contents of a magazine they don’t like.

This time the offending magazine in question is Indonesia’s newly launched Playboy Magazine. We should note that this Playboy is exceedingly tame, featuring some Indonesian beauties striking poses in bathing suits. Indonesia’s Muslims have taken a page from their Middle-Eastern brethren and reacted in the bloodthirsty manner of which Allah so approves: clashing with police, storming Playboy‘s offices, threatening employees and burning the magazine in effigy. There’s really something pretty monstrous about a religion that disrespects women enough to cut off the clitorises of young girls and force women to wear head-to-toe habibs, yet riots at their supposed objectification.

When asked for comment, Hugh Hefner was unflappable, pointing out the lack of nudity in the magazine. Because this story’s a bummer all around, let’s end it on a humorous bit of trivia: did you know that Hef smokes a pipe primarily to deal with a chronic nose picking problem? It was suggested by a photographer, theorizing that the pipe would keep Hef’s hands busy and prevent him from digging around up to the knuckle in his nasal cavities. Strange but true!

Playboy’s Indonesian office hit with violent protest []

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