Time to Human, Airlines, Day 5

All week we’ve been calling the airlines to see how long it takes their customer service reps to answer the phone. Here’s today’s rankings:

Look! It only took us a week but we finally came up with a graph that actually conveys information!

The whole week we’ve just been hanging up when the reps pick up. Today, we were silent and let the reps end the calls themselves. Midwest, while a loser time-wise, was the best at patiently waiting for us to speak. Mellissa repeated “Hello, Midwest Airlines, how may I help you?” three times. Then she said said how sorry she was that she couldn’t hear us and she might have to disconnect. Then she warned about how she was going to disconnect soon. Then we punched a random, yet merry, melody into the keypad. She hung up after that.

Raw data and week averages Monday.

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