UPDATE: Calls From a Stranger, 954-678-8026

We just received an email from Ben who says that he just received an unsolicited call from 954-678-8026 around 10:39 EST today.

As you may recall, this number has been auto-dialing people up and leaving unsolicited voice mails that make some kind of marketing pitch in Spanish. We need to get a recording of this.

To receive another call today, well that is a surprise. We thought they were disconnected by 7:30 EST yesterday. At least, that’s what the message “MSL03, your number cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again” lead us to believe? Are they spoofing the message?

Ben asks, “So, how would I stop these guys from calling me again? They’ve been doing it for the past few months, and I don’t think my Spanish is going to get any better.”

Check our previous post for ideas on how we can stop these scofflaws. We’ll be dusting off that Dick Tracy jacket , after all, which is great because it’s Spring and a wonderful time to bust out those day-glo yellows hiding in the closet.

Our first step will be to reverse look up the phone number and complain to the carrier. Hopefully we can also discover the address where the calls are originating from and trace the owner’s identity.

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