Lowe’s Makes Us Feel Small

A clutch of fixup supplies spilling out our arms, we stumbled into the Lowe’s bathroom fixtures area. We asked for casters of one of the red vested employees, where would we find them? He looked up lazily and, with no small amount of disdain, said, “This is bathroom fixtures.”

We drew our lower lip over our bottom teeth, glanced up and left, took deep breath…

We knew that, we responded, but where in the store are they? The employee looked away from us. Another employee looked over and gave the aisle where the casters could be found. We thanked him and left in that direction.

Yes, a small slight, but we didn’t see the point of lip like that. It’s terribly confusing for us limp-wristed individuals like ourselves to navigate all that hardware. Maybe the aggravation is a minor sensation, like the difference between satin and silk rubbing against each other, but it certainly rubbed us the wrong way.

Lowe’s, you remain an indifferent mystery. It looks good on you.

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