‘Jesus Cures Aids,’ Promises Ohio Preacher to African Poor

An American preacher on Crusade [sic] in Africa offers an unusal come-on to Lesotho’s poor: he cures AIDS.

Ohio preacher Ernest Angley’s group passed out flyers inviting the locals to one of his mass sermons, held on April 1st. Playing a devil’s game with semantics, the flyers say “salvation” is the same as medical treatment, ergo, a healing of HIV. In the academic study of logic, this is known as using the transitive property of bullshit.

The fraud was documented Paul, a blogger. He writes, “The big event was on April 1st. The tired, the poor, the huddled masses, they turned up in large numbers to see what this great American had to offer them. But it was April Fool’s Day, and the joke was on them.”

Ernest Angley and the road to Hell” [idland via BoingBoing]

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