‘Jesus Cures Aids,’ Promises Ohio Preacher to African Poor

An American preacher on Crusade [sic] in Africa offers an unusal come-on to Lesotho’s poor: he cures AIDS.

Ohio preacher Ernest Angley’s group passed out flyers inviting the locals to one of his mass sermons, held on April 1st. Playing a devil’s game with semantics, the flyers say “salvation” is the same as medical treatment, ergo, a healing of HIV. In the academic study of logic, this is known as using the transitive property of bullshit.

The fraud was documented Paul, a blogger. He writes, “The big event was on April 1st. The tired, the poor, the huddled masses, they turned up in large numbers to see what this great American had to offer them. But it was April Fool’s Day, and the joke was on them.”

Ernest Angley and the road to Hell” [idland via BoingBoing]


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  1. KevinQ says:

    Two things:
    1. You have a superfluous apostrophe in that first paragraph. (“cures.”) Yes, I am a grammar nazi. I apologize.

    2. Earnest Angly is something of a nut. A couple of decades ago, he decided to build a rotating restaurant on a tower, over his “Grace Cathedral” in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. He only got as far as the tower before he ran out of money. The tower is still there, and is commonly referred to as “Earnest’s Erection.” You can see it for miles.


  2. AcidReign says:

    …..I was shocked to hear ol’ Earnest is still around! We used to “HEEEEEEE-YULLL” people in high school, which was just a weak excuse to smack them in the head.

  3. Kat2 says:

    He’s a nut, KevinQ? Aren’t they ALL nuts? (at least the TV ones!)

  4. airship says:

    No they’re not all nuts. Not even the TV ones. Some of them are outright crooks. Some of them are seriously misguided and misinformed. Some of them are incredible egotists who have a ‘God’ complex. But there are a few who are genuinely trying to help people. In short, you get the whole spectrum of humanity in the pulpit. Please keep that in mind.
    With religion, as with everything else, you have to keep your mind engaged. If a preacher encourages you to turn off your mind and just go with what you’re feeling, turn and run the other way.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Actually, the devil is playing the joke on you; he has deceived you.

    There are indeed fraudulent preachers, but Rev. Angley is a real man of God. In Old Testament days, there were 450 frauds (the devil’s prophets of baal) to one righteous man, Elijah. And, God told Elijah during a time of discouragement that He had 7000 others who had not yielded to the devil in disguise. Likewise, Brother Angley is such a one today; and, Jesus has reserved to Himsef a certain number of people in this present world who will not bow down to the devil’s lies.