Secret Message!

We’ve received notice from an advanced civilization. They communicate only through seldom used ASCII symbols.

Somehow they’ve managed to send a message back in time. Via The Consumerist tip line.

That’s right folks, this is what spam looks like, IN THE FUTURE!

We’ve received several of these. This one is from our good friend ”



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  1. GenXCub says:

    This has the end date for Unix based computers for a date (the unix clock has it’s “y2k” at that date and time), so you know what platform sent the message at least!

  2. RandomHookup says:

    So they’re still using Unix in the future? Dang!!

  3. AcidReign says:

    …..I’m not translating this stuff! I won’t even read the “ur so h0t i am a GAK W00t lamerz ubu” crap that’s on a lot of boards. Readability, man! Get your message OUT! Shorthand is lazy.

    …..I kinda like the spammers who send the gibberish in the subject line. I can “report spam” the crap out of it without having to waste time looking at it!

  4. I call this stuff “incomprehensispam”. Most of it is just someone using an Asian character set, but sometimes you can only conclude that they dragged a headerless image file into the “body text” box, or something.

  5. limiter says:

    I have read your secret message oh great consumerist and I will do your bidding with haste as soon as I figure out if it is 7 cheeseburgers or 2.6 virgin Galongobeasts from planet FooNub that you want.

    And this is the point in the comment that I tell you to ignore the comment because it’s late and I have insomnia so anything I write is either dumb, or incomprehensible, or both.