90% of US Account Holders Think Bank Security Sucks

You just know your entire industry is gang raping the pooch when statistics like these are coming out:

• 90% of US bank account holders want their banks to strengthen security and scrutinize suspicious transactions. Hello, Citibank? This means you.

• 60% of account holders want their banks to contact them when they detect a suspicious transcation. Hello, Citibank? This means you.

• 75% of account holders believe a user name and password to be inefficient security. Hello, Citibank? This means you.

• Almost 80% of account holders won’t respond to a bank email because of phishing scams. Given that one of The Consumerist’s diumvirate lives in Ireland and routinely gets emails from Citibank, claiming a security breach on his nonexistent account… Hello, Citibank phishers? This means you.

The sample on the poll was only 402, so it might not be as bad as all that, nationwide. But one interesting thing to note was that the poll was conducted in November, 2005 — in other words, before some of the more recent mind-blowing security breaches at companies like, you guessed it, Citibank.

Consumers Want Better Online Banking Security [Consumer Affairs]