Time to Human, Cell Phone Companies Day 3

All the mobile phone carriers performed very well today.

T-Mobile picked up after only two seconds. AT&T Cingular was the worst. So far they’ve had a fairly mediocre showing, on average.

To provide consistency, we use the GetHuman database of the phone-hacks and codes to short circuit the automated voice response gauntlet and reach human fastest. After the jump, raw data, for those so inclined.

Mmm, steaming fresh data.




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  1. Karmakin says:

    I’ll say it again. None of those times are really that bad. In fact, they’re great. I’d be more than thrilled with ANY of those times.

  2. kerry says:

    I think someone mentioned this before, but getting to a human isn’t as important as getting to a human that can help you. I’ve discovered that if your problem is fairly minor and account-based (not hardware-based) T-Mobile’s direct-to-human works pretty well. Once you bring up anything even slightly complex you end up in a nightmarish world of long hold times and being bounced from desk to desk. Often this is the fault of the initial human, who doesn’t always know which department to direct you to. For example, when I bought a used Sidekick and needed to clear the former user’s login information from it (and tricks found online didn’t work), the first person put me on hold for about 3 minutes, while I was transferred to the wrong department, who then put me on hold for about 25 minutes while I was transferred to India. Thanks to some computer error, they couldn’t help me. I went through some variation of the same process about 6 more times before I reached a support person in India who could address my issue. He did a great job, btw. While many of the people I dealt with at the Indian support site were downright mean to me, the vast majority of people I’ve dealt with at TMobile (and there are a lot of them!) have been supremely friendly, patient, and eager to help.

  3. Ben Popken says:

    Kerry, agreed. However, to be able to conduct this suvey effectively, we’ve limited its scope to just the length of time before human contact.