Free Crapola Roundup

Look-i-loo, free stuff for you, courtesy of tipster Dewan. All you have to do is figure out whether it’s useful or not. As always and ever, use a fake email address and fake contact info when filling out these surveys and such.

  • Free Drink sample of Fruta Vida. “Hey – if Oprah is on the website, then I am going to drink it,” writes Dewan.

  • Free sleeve of Maxfli golf balls from Maker’s Mark Bourbon. Link at bottom of page. Fantastic, a set of balls for the drinking of straight bourbon to grow upon.

  • Free 25cent Canadian collectors Coin. Dewan: “Sad thing is, its still more than I get paid.”

  • Free pack of Dentyene Ice Gum. Note the strange promise in the photo at the bottom left. Dentyne Ice: banish that unseemly threesome aftertaste!

UPDATE: “An excellent listing of over 30 disposable e-mail accounts can be found at,” writes Billifer.


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  1. buck09 says:

    Those tight-wad canucks won’t send their money to the states…

    Everyone knows Canadian quarters are worth about a penny, so why cheap out on us?

  2. Ben Popken says:

    Rob writes:

    “It looks like the coin is not actually the giveaway. All you get is a card of some sorts to display the coin. It also looks like there is a drop down to change the country from Canada to the US should you want the free card so Buck09 is techically incorrect.”

  3. Spaceman Spiff says:

    Thanks for the gum, and for ruining that pleasing threesome aftertaste.

  4. “Dentyne Ice: Nothing’s cooler than hollow promiscuity.”