eBay Auction: $51 for $50 McDonald’s Coupon Book

You know, we’ve always gotten the feeling that things purchased on eBay actually cost more than if you bought them locally. But to what degree exactly do you need to slope your head to have your liquified gray matter start slopping out of your ear to purchase a McDonald’s coupon book (value: fifty dollars) for fifty-one dollars off of eBay? That’s not including shipping and handling.

To be fair to the person who bought it, it was handed out to attendees at a recent Steven Spielberg gala. Which makes us wonder who’s the bigger idiot: the guy who paid $51 bucks for a $50 coupon book, or Steven Spielberg, the guy who gave out $50 McDonald’s coupon books to Jennifer Aniston and Will Smith?

$50 McDonalds Card/Certificate from OSCARS Gift Bag (Thanks, Bayraider!)

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