Telemarketing Chiropractor’s Cellphone Called

Yesterday we told you about Dr. Kirtland Speaks, a back-cracker who’s suing for his right to telemarket to accident victims, using phone numbers from public accident reports. He’s alleging that preventing this marketing plan violates the First Amendment.

We also published his celllphone number. Beth, a Consumerist reader, called it.

What did Dr. Kirtland say? Find out, after the jump…

Beth writes:

    “Hi Ben-

    That number would, er… be his cell phone. Which was answered by a woman who seemed to not know anything about his lawsuit.

    However, she did put him on the phone. When I asked him if he truly believed it was a perfectly ethical practice to call victims of car accidents to peddle his back-cracking talents, he confirmed his position and when I asked him why, he seemed a bit flummoxed and couldn’t – or wouldn’t – give me an answer.

    He asked how I got his number and I let him know it was on the Internets. He argued with me a bit about it saying he really doubted that could be possible. I assured him that yes, it was entirely possible. I think he was more stunned by that than by someone questioning his ethics.

    And that was pretty much the end of the call. The majority of the conversation was with the nice lady that answered and me trying to explain to her why I was calling.

    My impression of Dr. Speaks can pretty much be summed up in one word- curmudgeon.

    Thanks for the number!”

The number was found here, in the Parker Professional Opportunities Newsletter. Do a word search for Speaks and you’ll find his listing to sell his old office setup, along with his phone number.

That’s right, Doctor, someone took your information from a publicly available record and called and harassed you without invitation. Shouldn’t there be a law against that? As ever, we kid, but to make a point.

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