Big Watch Mocked

This gaudy watch struck Copyranter ‘s eye. After he got the blood out, he wrote:

    “I hate Watches. (I know, ‘what don’t you hate, asshole?’). Anyway, meet the Flower [trademark] (Yes, they trademarked the name. Hilarious). I stumbled across it in the overly obnoxious Hollywood Life magazine.

    A call to Meyers’ toll-free number, and nice lady quoted me the price of $15,700.

    Or, for about $15,699 less, you could eat a bag of skittles [a registered trademark], stick your finger down your throat, throw up on your wrist, stick your cheap Timex [a registered trademark] piece in the goo, and wait for the project to harden.”

Larger version here, just in case you needed to experience sclerosis of the retina.

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