Croissants: The Ultimate Anti-Muslim Pastry

Breakfast time! Our favorite sassy food lasses over at Accidental Hedonist have offered up a brief history of that most anti-Islamic of pastries, the croissant.

As the legend goes, the croissant was originally created by a Viennese baker who thwarted the Turkish hordes. The baker, toiling away at dawn at his subterranean stove, suddenly found the walls shaking and a strange Ottoman babble murkily emanating from the walls. Calling the guards, it was discovered that the Turks were trying to destroy the walls of Vienna by digging under them and letting off explosive charges. To capitalize on his heroics, the baker began marketing the ultimate fuck-you patisserie to the Ottoman Empire: the crescent, or croissant.

A cool story, but Accidental Hedonist points out it is thoroughly apocryphal. As in most things, the real origin of the croissant is a lot more boring — the first recipe doesn’t surface until 1909. We just wanted to point out the article and again commend Accidental Hedonist to all of you, the most fun food enthusiasts on the net.

Food Stories: The History of the Croissant [Accidental Hedonist]

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