Starforce Tells Customer: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Caveat: the second people start sissily flapping their hands at their sides in a huff and crying “libel” is the second we roll our eyes and start rooting for the other side. People don’t understand the term, thinking it somehow gives them legal power to sue people who criticize or insult them. But when the other side to root for is Starforce, and when rooting is shothand for “root kit,” we’re ready to grasp the peaked tips of our skulls and pull ourselves in bloody half by the scalp, to accurately externalize our division.

What’s this all about? Over at, the admin has posted an exchange he had with Starforce customer service. To be honest, we’re not nearly technoheaded enough to figure out what the issue that started the discussion was about… it has something to do with “multidropper techniques” Starforce uses to propogate itself over networks, preventing it from being deleted. The initial post was politely worded.

So how did Starforce respond? Just about the way you’d expect, given their claims that their critics are members of the Russian mafia: they called him a liar, then asked him how much he was being paid. Rather humorlessly,’s admin immediately started threatening lawsuits, making us roll our eyes. But the real joy in the exchange is this resplendent moment in which Starforce demonstrates the omniscient ken of their customer service skills.

You’re lying!

IF you publish an appology on our forums for being a liar, we may continue converstaiton.

Awesome. We think this is our favorite clueless company ever.

Link: Starforce Admin; Not happy with posting warez, now they resort to libel. [] (Thanks, Pop!)
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