Trucker Bombs Demystified

It’s early, so you might be reading this while drinking a morning glass of apple juice. We advise you to swallow that and put the glass far out of reach before you click the link.

Yesterday, we foolishly asked the question “Who knew that bottles of urine were biohazards?” In response, loyal reader Non-Meat-Stick pointed our attention to this 2005 article over on MSNBC of the wide spread use of urine jugs by truckers, which are charmingly called “trucker bombs.”

Essentially, trucker bombs are nearly ubiquitous in the stressful world of trucking, where — since deregulation in the 80s — many drivers are only paid for miles driven. Every pit stop is money flushed right down the toilet, as it were. Consequently, our nations highways find themselves strewn with millions upon millions of milk jugs filled to the brim with tepid urine. The article is filled with numerous charming anecdotes about highway cleanup teams having some anonymous stranger’s pee jug burst all over them, or horrified landscaping teams hitting them with their mowers, leading to a poor landscaper suddenly find himself caught in the middle of a trucker’s golden shower.

It’s just so hilariously disgusting. You can tell the writer had a lot of fun with it too — the article ends with the discouraging news that a new European technology allowing diesel engines to process animal urine probably won’t work with humans, sadly preventing truckers from just pissing in their gas tank when they want to refuel.

Urine trouble,
some states warn truckers
[MSNBC] (Thanks, Non-Meat-Stick!)
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