WaMu Helped Give Grandma s Money to Crooks

s grandma was defrauded by crooks who exploited a weakness in the WaMu merchant check verification system. Essentially, in order to cash a charge on your account, all a vendor (or in this case, scammer) has to do is get you to record you saying your account number.

After going through many shenanigans, a company representing the company scamming his grandmother claims the refund check is in the works. To expedite his claim, they asked he send all the junk mail relating to the scam that his grandmother received to an address in Las Vegas, which he did, but he doesn’t have high expectations for the money being returned or the materials getting there safely, as when he googlemapped the address provided he came up with this:

That’s right, the pointer indicates the address is the corner of a parking lot.

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