PR Monolith Edelman’s Wal-Mart Cramps and Diarrhea

A brief glance on what goes on inside the mind of PR giant and Wal-Mart lover, Richard Edelman, courtesy of Our virginal, Harriet-the-Spy-esque sister writes,

“Observer political reporter Jason Horowitz…covered last week
s PR Week public-relations awards at Tavern on the Green…Most will tell you this is the best bit in his piece:

It used to be I would schmooze you and I was your flack,
said [Edelman PR chief Richard, pictured] Edelman, whose firm netted about $260 million in 2005.
Today, if we want to get a message into the public
s conversation, we just make a post on a blog. If The Wall Street Journal goes after a client, we don
t have to accept that anymore. Let
s post the documents we gave The Journal; let
s show the interviews the newspaper decided not to show.

re not God anymore,
he said.

But it
s not. This is:

s always exciting to be considered amid the best campaigns in the business,
said Mr. Stroup, who campaigned with Cybill Shepherd to help raise awareness about irritable-bowel syndrome.
We are proud of what we achieved as an agency. When Cybill was doing Moonlighting, she was doubling over in pain.

So now we know glamorous Maddie Hayes had constant cramps and diarrhea? Great PR, that.”

Publicists Lauded for Flackery; P.R. Gods Get Freedom From Press [NYO]

We’re going to pose the following question to Marshall Manson in our ongoing investigation into the open and transparent world of big box retailer blogging: Does Wal-Mart, likewise, get cramps and diarrhea? And if you house Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Target together in a dormitory for a few months, do their cycles of bleeding the consumer start to sync up?

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