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Kmart And Sears Add Stores In MI, WV, IA, LA, WI, And GA To Closings List

Sears Holdings needs to make some cuts, and has been closing its stores in addition to taking on roommates and cutting back on corporate staff. In addition to the 50 or so store closings that Sears Holdings announced locally at the beginning of the year and the 78 store closings that the company announced two weeks ago, today the news broke that three additional Kmart stores will close in Georgia, Michigan, and West Virginia. [More]

PR Monolith Edelman’s Wal-Mart Cramps and Diarrhea

PR Monolith Edelman’s Wal-Mart Cramps and Diarrhea

A brief glance on what goes on inside the mind of PR giant and Wal-Mart lover, Richard Edelman, courtesy of Gawker.com. Our virginal, Harriet-the-Spy-esque sister writes,