PR Agency Steps Up About Wal-Mart Blogging

We emailed Steve Rubel, a PR blog maven who recently was hired by Edelman, the same PR agency handling the Wal-Mart blog apparatchik. We asked him what he thought of the Wal-Mart blog affair. He passed our email along to Marshall at Blue World Wide, the advertising division of Edelman, who wrote us a nice note…after the jump.

Steve passed along your e-mail inquiring about our effort to engage bloggers on behalf of Wal-Mart.

We thought there was no better source than the horse
s mouth, as it were. And, well, that
s me. What questions can I answer for you?

Let me start with the broad one in your original e-mail.

re very proud of our effort to help Wal-Mart communicate with bloggers. As more and more Americans go to the Internet to get information from varied, credible, trusted sources, Wal-Mart is committed to participating in that online conversation. Blogs are a very important communications channel for us. Whether they have a large or small audience, they are an important new media that can
t be ignored. As you know from the various coverage, all of our communications have been open and transparent. And we plan to continue them going forward.

Let me what additional questions I can help you with.



God, we love PR talk. It’s so close to human English but it’s got an underlying poetry all of its own. We especially love how any company that’s under scrutiny is always said to “remain commmited” to one thing or another.

We’ve got some questions in mind but what, Consumerist readers, would you like to know about this PR agency approaching and engaging bloggers in the way we’ve seen?

Beware, though, they’re watching us now…

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