Tel Aviv McDonald’s Goes Kosher

Ronald McDonald is gluing on a yarmulke with beef tallow stringing french-fry flavored tahfilen out his pockets.

Under pressure from Tel Aviv’s number one rabbi, Israel Meir Lau, two Micky D’s branches will boast golden arches with blue backgrounds and display the word, “kosher.”

“Blue is the sky, blue is the flag of Israel and blue is not red,” Lau told Reuters. “There must be a clear and sharp difference.”

“Michael Kramer, a religious diner relishing a burger at one of the two Tel Aviv branches, welcomed the changes. “I can see from far away whether it is a kosher one,” he said.

Roi Gerstein was unmoved. “I do not like this change because I am used to the red sign,” he said, adding that kosher burgers without cheese were ‘just not tasty’, ” reported Reuters.

McDonald’s Changes Sign to Woo Kosher Diners [Reuters via AptBroadcast]

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