AT&T and Cingular Down?

Fewer bars in fewer places. According to unconfirmed reports out of New York City, AT&T/Cingular wireless service has been down for 2-3 hours, as of 12:50 PM EST.

Ah, the growing paigns of merging.

Let us know if this for reals. Just don’t call it in on your Cingular celli.

(Thanks to Bucky!)

UPDATE: Jennifer Brown writes, “Earlier this morning I checked my phone and there was a funny icon next to the bars. It looked like a receiver, but with a slash through it.I tried calling my phone and it went right to voicemail. The icon has vanished, but I just tried calling my phone from a land line and it still goes into voicemail. I can’t check my v.mail from my phone, or make outgoing calls either. Cingular has been “working on the problem.” Right.”

UPDATE: Jen Bekman (apparently Cingular doesn’t like Jennifers) writes, “Confirming that Cingular is indeed down since earlier this morning. If you call customer support there’s a pre-recorded announcment assuring us that they are aware of and working on the problem. The whole ATT/Cingular thing is a wretched horrible nightmare. I’ve spent hours upon precious hours on hold with them since I switched over my (better, more reliable, old school) ATT service to a Cingular plan back in the Fall.”

It’s not just the wretched iPod ripoff ads (instead of shadows, we’ll use reflections!) that suck cat pee through a glass of vermouth, the service sucks too!

UPDATE: Adam writes, “Thy’ve been down for my entire office here in midtown west. They”ve been down since I get in today at 10.” [sic]

So…Cingular is down. The question now is, why? And guess what? “We’re working on it,” doesn’t cut the mustard.

UPDATE: As of 3:35 PM today, we received a report that the service is back up and running. Yay. Now we can all go back to our regularily scheduled crappy service.

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  1. the suspicious package says:

    seriously, though — cingular sucked even before they became AT&T’s powerbottom. they easily have the worst network and most incompetent customer service in the industry – i had random, persistent outage problems when i used them a few years back.

    vive le sprint!

  2. Timbojones says:

    The receiver with a slash through it is a symbol indicating “no carrier”. You may or may not have signal strength from a tower, but the phone is unable to connect with a service provider.

    I get it all the time in areas of low signal strength like in the middle of my basement, or no signal like in the middle of the Cascade mountains.

  3. etinterrapax says:

    We seem not to be affected by the outages at the moment, here in Massachusetts. I was able to call my husband on his cell phone from our landline around noon, and I can get my voicemails on my cell. Of course, this leads me to wonder what luck he’s having with customer service, since what I called about at noontime was downgrading our rate plan, bwahaha.

  4. echo7580 says:

    Yes, indeed it’s down, I tried calling my family, and friends, and all I get is a busy signal. CALLED the customer support , and they said they know about the issue, and bascially for me to hang up. EVEN tried the live chat online, and I can’t even get a chat session going. What’s this mean, did Cingular go to the dumps? It, the service started cutting people off at 5:00 this morning. Been off since!