HOWTO: Build a Blog Empire for Fun and Profit

“What if I told you that you could achieve total financial freedom in a short 30 minutes a day? Would you want to know more? Who wouldn
t, right? Read on for details…”

The seventh seal has been broken as there’s a new book, “Building a Blog Empire for Profit.”

“Imagine yourself in a new car, dining in expensive restaurants whenever you want, buying expensive gifts for your friends and family, taking luxury vacations and being treated with the respect you deserve. It
s a great image, isn
t it? And it
s absolutely right in front of you!”

Jeez, we’re a Gawker and we can’t even afford to replace our stolen bicycle.

Scrolling to the bottom of the page, we were surprised to find the guide was written by Karin Le Blanc and not, as we were expecting, Jason Calacanis.

Here’s the book’s direct marketing landing page.