Woman Fakes Death to Avoid Paying Traffic Tickets

To get out of paying traffic tickets, Kimberly Du of Iowa forged a letter from her mother and mocked up an obituary. She sent both to the county courthouse.

It would have worked, too, had she not been subsequently stopped for another traffic ticket.

How Kim Faked her Death [KCCI.com]


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  1. Nemtynakht says:

    I once was on a flight with someone who had wanted to change his SAS ticket to fly to Cairo several days earlier. They told him it was point-blank impossible unless there was a death in the family. So he faked his sister’s death, complete with a letter and obituary written in Arabic then translated into English, which he then had a friend fax from a major hotel in Cairo to add authenticity. I thought that was pretty hardcore — and it worked. He got on the earlier flight free of charge, got special attention, and they even left the two seats on either side of him empty (even though the flight was otherwise full).