Skype Pinches the Pipeline

Skype is very slow right now. We’re trying to buy some credit to make phone calls. Perhaps the system is overtaxed as Skype 2.0 with video chat just came out. The ‘Loading…’ wheel keeps spinning ’round n’ round…until the pictured error message appears.

Verizon has not installed our landline since we made our first requests in December. Our cellphone is busted up and won’t hold a charge and we are broke. The Sprint Ambassador cellphone hasn’t arrived yet. Today counts at the seventh in the 5-7 day patience period we’re supposed to abide by.

Oh look, there it goes again, Service Unavailable.

UPDATE: And now, they tell me that they won’t let me buy credits due to a security concern. Precious.

Someone, please stop us before we kill again, again.

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