This Week In: Best Comments

Here’s what a completely partial and non-disinterested jury found to be the week’s best comments, after the jump.

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Is that Peter Stormare?
That guy’s Swedish!

Paul D

The more blades it has, the bigger the chunk of your face it rips out when you press down.


I’ve tasted Coke in 24 countries.


Best Buy makes me feel dirty and uncomfortable.


Never raise your tone of voice when you are explaining these details, as it makes you sound like you’re a lunatic without a legitimate claim.


…Any old company can make a few bucks poisoning soldiers in war, but to parlay that into a international domestic poisoning business takes a special kind of dedication.


Any word of if the talking taco poops ice cream?

The Comedian

The sad thing is if the economy suffers their business increases… When I am done – Feed me to the wildlife


You can pretend to be indifferent and mean all you want, but by bringing the traffic of the Sinister Gawker Keiretsu to bear on that poor little posting, you’ve shown that you’re a truly magnanimous entity.


Most embarassing purchase: Pedialyte, can of whipped cream and film… The highschool-aged boy ringing us up looked at us smiled and said “Doing whippets?”


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