Bidboy’s Freaky Deaky Ebay

“What’s left after booze, guns and body parts?” The answer is Bidboy, a choice selection of active “strange and odd” ebay auctions. Currently up are Roller Skate Candy Container Or Toothpick Mint
and a Planters Mr Peanut Combo Set and Bic Shaver Popcorn Box, containing:

  • Cardboard Planters Popcorn box. Never used mint.
  • Bic plastic shaver. Never used. Like new.
  • Fabric cloth patch. Never used. Like new.

Previous entries include a Weird Copper Turtle, a Haunted Fertilty Mask and a Weird Unidentified Kitchen Gadget.

You can also submit your odd auction or join in the forums., your resource for tchotchkes to demonstrating how terribly eccentric you are.

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