VW Stealership Sues Customer To Silence His Whistleblow

After reading our post about Melanie getting jacked by a VW dealership and getting the brush off from VW of America, Matt Ghali wrote in his story.

Mr. Ghali alleges he took his Jetta in for repairs to Golden Gate VW. While at the shop the car was further damaged and he feels charged much more than originally quoted. After scrapping out a partial reiumbursement, he posted his story online. Then the ‘stealership’ sued him for $1.5 million in ‘damages.’

Matt’s letter after the jump.

My wife and I have also (gasp) been shafted by a VW stealership; and like your poor protagonist, have also been ignored by VW of America.

I created a website documenting our adventure- http://goldengatevw.com/ which turned us from disgruntled customers into lawsuit targets. The website you see there now is content our lawyers “agreed” on, which cost me $40k.

The good news is that I was able to keep most of our story intact. The rest, people can discover by googling for “Mathew Zaheri“, the sleazeball owner.

Great site, I am glad to see I am not the only one who believes the only way to resolve these problems is to stand up and refuse to be screwed.

Matt Ghali

Watch out for Hayward Volkswagon and Golden Gate Volkswagon! They may end up ‘un-pimping‘ your ride.

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