Worst Company in America: Halliburton vs. Monsanto

Round 1. Fight!

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Be an informed voter. Wikipedia entry for Monsanto.
Halliburton listing, just in case.

The old Monsanto logo was used because it looks cooler.


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  1. The Unicorn says:

    It’s worth noting that Monsanto, the current company, is now strictly biotech, not chemicals (which you may also have issues with, but generally less evil).

    Basically, they spun off their biotech division, which had nothing to do with any of the Superfund sites for which they are so hated, & stuck them with the Monsanto name.

    The chemical side of the company is now called Solutia, and they’re actually the ones whose lineage can be traced to most of the bad stuff Monsanto’s done.

    In case anyone cares.

  2. JNelsonW says:

    Hmmm, I think I’m going to go with Monsanto for the upset.

    Sure, Halliburton partakes in some pretty good war-profiteering and corruption. But Monsanto deserves credit for developing chemical weapons before it was cool. Better still, it doesn’t confine its evil to wartime situations. Remember, any old company can make a few bucks poisoning soldiers in war, but to parlay that into a international domestic poisoning business takes a special kind of dedication.

    Congratulations, Monsanta, for these reasons and more, you are my round 1 pick.

  3. mrscolex says:

    I voted monsano, anyone can see on a side by side comparison that Monsano is a much more insidious company with tendrils that reach very far. Besides, for the sake of bringing public enlightenment I thought it was a prudent decision.

    Halliburton has been used through various presidential administrations. Croney’s of the government they may be, but does that make them “the worst” ? Perhaps by proxy through the government if thats what you believe. A vote for Monsano is a vote for bringing much more discreet American infringements into the forefront of the public eye.

  4. Karmakin says:

    Oh…this is only Round 1?

    I thought this was the finals.

  5. I have to say, I concur that the seedings were set up wrong. Monsanto vs. Halliburton is TOO MUCH evilness to allow them not to kick down some of the lesser evils (JetBlue, Southwest) all on their own.

    It’s not too late to stop and restart, properly.

  6. kevinmeyers says:

    Hallibuton/Monsanto in round one? Joel, this is not going to work… it’s like if we saw Duke vs. UConn in the first round of March Madness… what’s the final match-up going to be, Monsanto v. JetBlue?

    Take the survey done, fix the seedings, and re-post it tomorrow morning to make it interesting. It looks as though you just posted the companies in the order in which people named them in the comment thread. As it stands, this has the potential to get boring very quickly.

  7. OkiMike says:

    In a world where human DNA is being auctioned off, I think Monsanto has the clear potential!

  8. Ben Popken says:

    There’s more thought behind the ladder than might be first apparent.

    Even where there are large disparities, it will be interesting/funny to see exactly how wide the gulf is.

    Overall, we paired together companies that were similar or complimentary.

    Maybe the matchups will come out askew, that’s possible.

    Let’s see what happens, learn and do it better next time.

  9. sejones says:

    Monsanto by far! I was a long term resident in the little quaint city in Alabama where many of us were poisoned by Monsanto, now Solutia so I really don’t care or believe how they have changed. On our law suits, some 30-40 years later; I think the average settlement was less than $3000.00. My last hospital bill for long term care and treatment was 1/4 mil and it iwll never be paid by me. My mother (healthy as a horse with NO VICES) died in her 50s and although my father lived a good long life; I attibute that to the Heavenly Father and good genes. Monsanto! Don’t tell me anything about them. Everyone that was poisoned by them should be millionaires now. Oh well, the lawyers are so I suppose some one won. Oh, let me not be rude and unthoughful! We did get a health clinic out of the deal but a health clinc can only “PERHAPS” MAINTAIN to some level chronic health conditions; certainly not cure! And the cleanup but who says that will every be enough. Monsanto-Solutia! How ludicrious! But God blesss them all!