Pherotones offers $6900.69 for Videos of Randy Ringtones

Despite being outed on The Consumerist and on at least one of the very blogs it advertises on, the Pherotones campaign continues, oblvious to its irrelevance.

Pherotones is fake blog specific campaign where a Dr. Myra Vanderhood was advertised as having discovered ringtones that act like pheromones. It was revealed to be a “sneaky” promo for a cell phone content site.

Now the doctor offers a “$6900.69 Research Grant” to people who submit videos “documenting” pherotones in action.

The marketing initiative is as clever as ducking your credit card bills by changing your address to one in Alaska, but hey, sixty-nine hundred dollars and sixty-nine cents is still sixty-nine hundred dollars and sixty-nine cents.


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  1. SeekBalance says:

    Uhm, that’s not ‘sixty-nine thousand dollars and sixty-nine cents’. It’s sixty-nine hundred dollars.

    Not to be one of those grammer snipers…

  2. strunkl says:

    That’s six thousand, nine hundred dollars, not sixty-nine thousand. Of course, it’s the sixty-nine cents that really shows they care.

  3. Paul D says:




  4. OkiMike says:

    So if I make a promo marketing video “proving” that my cell phone snagged an off-camera damsel, I get the check right?