Call in Your Product Gripes and Loves to Buzzophone

If textual bitching doesn’t get your rocks off enough, go auditory with the Buzz-o-Phone. Call 1-800-591-5375 and leave a 2-minute-or-under product/ service/ company gripe or praise. Your message gets automatically uploaded to the Buzz-o-Phone podcast for other’s delight and perusal.

Why? Because some guy in Oklahoma is a hardcore word-of-mouth marketing hobbyist and thought this would be a cool experiment.

You can also crawl the podcast feed to hear other’s gripes, like this guy who has a bipolar love/hate affair with Dell computers and possibly the creepiest radio voice, ever.

This lady is just so happy to get Fedex’s mishandling of her packages off her chest.

There are also be a good amount of happy product shoutouts, like this guy who’s really into some Saka [sp?] Grounds coffee he found on the internet.

And those that sound seeded by people looking to promote a company, as in this lass who’s really into

Of course then there’s the prank caller complaining about KY Jelly giving him gushing warts. Yeesh.

Buzz-o-Phone [via Rocketboom]

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